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Q: Are the cutting boards and charcuterie boards food safe?

A: Yes. All of my products have been sealed with food-grade mineral oil.

Q: How do I care for my handcrafted wood piece?

A: When the wood starts to dry out, recoat with mineral oil or a cutting board oil such as Walrus Oil. Apply liberally to the wood with a soft cloth. Let dry and buff off any extra oil with a terry cloth towel.

Q: Can I use my resin river charcuterie board as a cutting board?

A: It is not recommended. If you need a cutting board, please see my solid wood options.

Q: Do you make custom products using customer-supplied wood?

A: Yes. Please use the order form to describe your request and I will contact you for details.

Q: Where do you get your wood?

A: I source the majority of my wood from sustainably harvested Oregon trees.

Q: Can I have my order shipped if I live further away?

A: Yes. The prices listed do not include shipping, so we will contact you when your order is ready to ship with billing information including shipping. Free pick up or delivery in the Portland OR area.

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